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launch our upcoming black Friday Sale Carnival will be hold on

hi ! every one still alright?
Carlo Fashion Collaboration:
(Spanish network)
Penth me again!
Since I held 
the "summer BIG sale" 24 hr project on this US blog , 
it has been long time ago,

Afterwards, the world is suffered from the epidemic last 2 years,

Maybe everyone need to stay at home, nothing to do, only can be online ,

by the way online industry become developing rapidly, under this 
chains reaction effect, our networking also double up increase fans.

although we are fashion network,
but the supporter already extend different range even cooking suddenly.

maybe most of people also cooking at home because epidemic .

unfortunately,one of our collaborator (italy network,men's fashion) Albert fall sick seriously already back to home town take rest,

when our network increase but the manpower decrease,

also it's the fashion and beauty industry, travel industry business challenge time, we all working under high pressure.

As our Editor Carlo, she also facing many problems, maintain our small business to survive,

fortunately she is smart find the new way to run business

we can't predict oneday mask will be our best seller on/off line

She sell mask,ha ha ha!
maybe the god fool her!

She requires everything perfect.
meanwhile we are decreasing manpower in epidemic time,

therefore it is to make mistake,
then she will be on fire and shout out people , one by one left,

finally only left me still stand by her as our long relationship,

maybe I am cheerful and responsible,

but i only have 2 hands,
since Albert fall Sick, he is our men section, photographer, video maker, technical, delivery courier....

if any guy got the above ability,
familiar in blogging and social media
also interested in fashion or technology even cooking,

you may consider to join our collaboration 

after single's day promotion,
now we are very busy now
many promotion .....

almost forget ,
the most important thing about this post:

launch our upcoming black Friday Sale Carnival will be hold on this

Fashion and the City blog

early bird black Friday sale already shown on our blog post,

please come back and check for the crazy Sale banner and post

see you on black Friday!

best regards 
Carlo Fashion Collaboration:
(Spanish network)