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Summer SHARK SALE FINAL 3 DAYS only (18/8-20/8) See you !

Summer SHARK SALE FINAL~ 3 DAYS only (18/8-20/8) 

Hunger for SALE?!
What is shark sale?
Let me introduce myself firstly,I am Penthesilea ~ new collaborative Blog Author.
You will see my writing and me wherever in the future!

Now, I tell you this lovely news:
SHARK SALE means very big big , Sale big as Shark! exciting!
selected shop and selected item maybe upto 50% Sale even more..........
We will post our features BIG SALE as post and banner on this Blog: Carlotta Fashion and the City 
From Head to Toe, from fashion eat drink play to lifestyle. From unique online shop to leading department store........all thing in the City.

during SALE time, click through our post and banner choose your crazy sale lovely piece before too late.
3 DAYS only(18/8-20/8) after that we will remove all the sale post and banner.
No more Summer post, It will be Autumn post .
You will regret it!

NYC City will be on SALE crazy! NYC CITY will be CRAZY! 
remember visit our blog Carlotta Fashion and the City  (18/8-20/8) 3 DAYS only

exciting! hope this is my first join gift to readers. See you !

Hot in The City

Bedding Inn

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